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By CEA Registry Team on 5/16/2016 8:41 AM
By CEA Registry Team The Tufts Medical Center Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry (, will begin to display detailed information only for selected studies considered to be high impact economic evaluations. Starting with studies published in 2015, all CEA abstracts will be reviewed by two Tufts reviewers, who will make a determination by consensus on whether the study qualifies for an extended review based on: the study’s population, the medical intervention(s) being studied, novelty of treatment, as well as the generalizability of the study’s results, as inferred from the abstract. The selected studies will then be reviewed in full so the Registry team can collect detailed information on cost-effectiveness ratios, utility weights, and study methodology. The cost-utility studies not deemed to be high impact will continue to be included in the CEA Registry, but with limited information extracted only from the abstract, including country of study, intervention type, target population and interventions evaluated, without providing ratios, weights, or disaggregate cost and QALY data. Limited information on cost per life year studies will also be included in the Registry starting with studies published in 2015....

CEVR Annual Sponsorship Meeting


CEVR’s Annual Methods, Policy, and Data Symposium for CEA Registry sponsors will take place on Tuesday, April 5th from 8:00am - 4:00pm at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston.

This year's meeting will focus on the use of value-based frameworks, including case studies and a hands-on, interactive session.

Register for the meeting here, or contact Julie Lannon for more information.

CEA Registry Update


CEA Registry update: The database now contains 5,000 studies and over 13,000 standardized cost-effectiveness ratios.



Growth and change in the CUA literature CEVR researchers published a new paper in Value in Health: “The Changing Face of the Cost-Utility Literature."



New paper by CEVR researchers in Value in Health: “Cost-Utility Analyses in Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Implications from Real-World Evidence."



New paper by CEVR researchers in the American Journal of Managed Care: “Multiple Chronic Conditions in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Prevalence and Consequences."