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By CEA Registry Team on 8/27/2010 7:02 PM

Critics decry the food sold in fast-food establishments as over-processed and potentially causative of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Even with the controversy surrounding nutrition in restaurants here in the US, Americans continue to enjoy and purchase fast food. For example, Yum! (parent company of KFC®, Pizza Hut®, and Taco Bell® establishments) made over 11 billion USD in revenue in the fiscal year ending June 2010. [1] With such continued consumption of potentially unhealthy food choices in the face of public health campaigns, some researchers have suggested more extreme interventions.

By CEA Registry Team on 8/25/2010 6:47 PM

Discussions regarding the high cost of cancer treatment are commonplace, both in the popular press and in the medical literature. A recent study by Scott R. Berry et al, coauthored with Dr. Peter Neumann, compared the attitudes of oncologists working in the Canadian and US health care systems with respect to the cost and cost-effectiveness of cancer related medications and related health policy. [1]

By CEA Registry Team on 8/19/2010 12:11 PM

A recent article published in Health Economics [1] provides comment on the guidelines for the use of economic evaluation within the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) in Germany (published in the same issue). [2]

By CEA Registry Team on 8/17/2010 5:50 PM

Each month we highlight recently published cost utility studies and selected reviews and editorials. The CEA registry (  includes every cost-utility study published and indexed in Medline.

By CEA Registry Team on 8/13/2010 1:58 PM

The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently sought information from the public informing CMS how to best establish a Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Inventory.

By CEA Registry Team on 8/9/2010 5:56 PM

The New York Times reported last week that new diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease are being met with both hope and skepticism.(1) Hope because there is promise of early detection and treatment; skepticism because of concern that people will simply be told they are doomed when there is little they can do about it. There is also fear that the tests will simply lead to more prescribing of expensive pharmaceuticals with relatively little benefit.

By CEA Registry Team on 8/5/2010 11:29 AM

The June issue of Clinical Therapeutics includes an interesting editorial that asks questions of the language included in the health reform legislation with respect to the use of the quality adjusted life year (QALY). (1)

By CEA Registry Team on 8/3/2010 5:14 PM

Dr Peter Neumann, Director of the Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health, has written a post available today on the Health Affairs blog.

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